Police Academy Graduation and Speech

Officer and Mrs. Stewart

Mr. S. made me the proudest wife (once again) in November of 2013 when he graduated from the Metro Nashville Police Academy.

photo 1 (1)
Mayor Karl Dean swearing in the class as they transformed from officer candidates to full-fledged Police Officers.

Though he’s been through some of the toughest training the military has to offer, the Academy was no picnic and lasted for 6 loooong months.

Stress, law studying, boot polishing, uniform pressing, lunch packing, flash-card making, early mornings, late nights, and more characterized those days. Week by week, it seemed that we barely had time to look at, much less truly talk to, each other. Our mentality was, “Just suck it up and get through this.” Thanks to the military, this is an attitude we are familiar with as a family.

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Valentine’s Day Cards For my Little Ones

Holidays, birthdays, and the like are a favorite of mine. Really, any opportunity to celebrate gets me excited and fills my heart. There’s something about not just feeling joy, but intentionally searching for it, that make these special occasions dear to me. Is anyone else with me?

However, age has slowly replaced the exploding-jack-in-the-box with a more quiet happiness. I am content with this, but still have a secret way to experience both kinds of holiday cheer.

You see, I teach at an elementary school. I am convinced that no one (not celebrities, socialites, event planners, nor even royalty) celebrates with as much determination as a group of twenty-eight 6-and-7 year olds.

You who are blessed with children of your own know exactly what I mean. Bright eyes expecting Santa; a child on the morning of his birthday, quietly wondering what the day will hold; or an impending visit from the tooth fairy all are just better with sweet peas around.
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The Tale of Two Doggies

Every girl wants a puppy. Sometimes, it’s a fleeting dream. Other times, it is a non-negotiable need. For me, it’s the latter.

We had a “dream dog” for many, many years. Her name was Maddy.

Maddy was one of those once-in-a-lifetime dogs. Looking back, I should have been able to predict that from the moment we first met.
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