Organizing the Overhead

There is perhaps nothing so unappealing and utilitarian in the classroom as the overhead and its cart.

If you have a beautiful Elmo projector attached to a gorgeous Smart Board or the like, good for you, you lucky ducky!

However, this post is for those of us still kicking it old school.

When I entered my room for the first time, a mere few weeks before the beginning of the school year, the first eyesore to really bother me was this cart.

Now, last year, I’d used the lovely turquoise scrap fabric (purchased at Walmart on clearance-SCORE) for many things. When I find something pretty and cheap, I immediately put it to good use. First, it was a tablecloth for a small child-sized table. Next, it became a bulletin board background. Staring down at the cart, I knew I’d found a third purpose for my little swatch of unfinished material.

Once the cart was partially hidden, it was time to get organized.

IMG_3538 copy

 The precious little surface area is utilized to the max with the use of bins and buckets.
This Dollar Store bin has become one of the best dollars I’ve ever spent.
The green bin contains all these handy tools.
I knew that if they weren’t right beside the overhead, I’d never find them.

And I almost forgot the SNEAKY back-side storage.
Here I keep lesson charts and sentence strips handy with just a plain old binder clip.
Thanks, Pinterest, for teaching me brilliant uses for boring objects!

The best part of the overhead cart? It keeps the absolute mess storage underneath concealed from visitors’ eyes.

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