Pinwheels and Dandelions

photo 1
First Grade made these pinwheels using donated scrapbook paper, straws, bamboo skewers, and pipe cleaners.

We’re gearing up for our school’s annual Social Studies and Science Fair around these parts!  It may be cold outside, but inside, we’re all breezy, blue skies.

My First Graders have just completed a unit all about air. Students have explored concepts like air pressure, compression, air resistance, and glide. They discovered that, though invisible, it takes up space, changes shape, and can push objects.

They’re ready to present some pretty impressive experiments, but we still wanted to do a little more.

My co-teacher conceived the idea of creating dandelion artwork. Since First Grade studied plants and methods of seed dispersal during our previous 9 weeks of study, it became the perfect bridge between units. 

photo 2
thumbprint dandelions

We created concentric circles (Yes, I introduced the term. No, they haven’t mastered it. Ha!) using a compass, and the kids used their thumbs to stamp each seed onto the flowers. I love the way each dandelion is unique, just like their sweet thumbprints.

Dandelion DetailI added some butterflies by using simple die cuts. Though a small touch, I think they add some much-needed dimension. I used a plain old paint pen to write the caption (we’re truly obsessed with corny captions in our area of the school).

The kids are proud every time they enter the room and look up at their pinwheels and dandelions.

Still to come are kites made in Art, wind cars made in Computer, and wind chimes made at home.

Isn’t it fantastic when the room is exploding with student work? I can’t wait ’til it all arrives!

2 thoughts on “Pinwheels and Dandelions

  1. It’s safe to say that although I LOVE homeschooling, your posts make my itch to teach a larger, classroom setting all the more noticeable 🙂 What a fabulous teacher you are…makes my heart happy!

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