Let’s Go on a Treasure Hunt Part 1

Hi there, friend! Ready to come along on a treasure hunt?

IMG_0985Mr. S and I recently traveled to North Carolina to accomplish some military-related business and then sneak in a few days of rest and relaxation.

We traveled all night and morning until we reached our destination. After recovering in our hotel room for a couple of hours, we grabbed an espresso-filled pick-me-up and hit the pavement (or cobblestone in Asheville).

We investigated a few of the many specialty and antique shops of Asheville, NC (guess who was happier about that) and discovered all sorts of goodies.


Our First stop was the Gardener’s Cottage. This lovely little store was nestled right up to Biltmore Estate (if you’re unfamiliar, it is a HUGE, lovely, over-the-top home built by the Vanderbilt family). Like most shops near the Biltmore, it’s filled with expensive antiques, but this one also offers some truly beautiful plants. We even came home with some flora of our own (now to keep it alive).

Here are a few of the gems that made my heart happy:

IMG_0992This amazing twig chandelier is delightfully whimsical.


Everything in the shop had a natural feeling, like these unique utensils and flower-themed bowls.


This dreamy hydrangea wreath brought my own wedding bouquet to mind.


I brought home a couple of “Baby’s Tears” plants, along with some great advice for their care. They are pictured above on our dresser.


The little fern in my birdcage and stone rabbit are also from The Gardener’s Cottage, and bring a little bit of the outdoors in. IMG_1182The fern, bird’s egg nest, and stone rabbit were all Asheville finds that were immediately incorporated into our little Spring-themed vignette as soon as we walked in our door.

IMG_1161Another happy find was “Tobacco Barn Antiques.

Please believe me when I say that “enormous” doesn’t even begin to describe this multiple-vendor site. This place was HUGE!

Like many antique stores, there was a wide variety of items, time periods, and prices. But with so many items from so many vendors, we were sure to find some gems. In fact, I commented many times that I could decorate our entire home with finds from the Barn.

Below are just a few of the items that truly enchanted me. Friend, if I could have brought all of them home, I might have! I hope something catches your eye, too.


Mr. S. was amused by my love of this tiny crown. 🙂

This awesome table is solid wood unlike a hollow version we found in a big-box store.


I loved this collection of Santos figurinesIMG_1157

These candle molds were available in abundance. Can you picture one of them as a beautiful, primitive centerpiece? IMG_1155

I loved this complete mantel’s rich color, intricate carvings, and cheap price tag!

If only all birds could be so lucky to have digs like this.


I was amused that these chairs wound up here. Someone clearly saw them as outdated and frumpy, but this style, like nearly everything else in design, has come back around! IMG_1152

I loved these nesting tables in natural wood, and would also adore them painted with some chippy Milk Paint or “antiqued” Chalk Paint. IMG_1151

Some folks probably don’t understand my fascination with this basket full of old shoe forms. Do you? 🙂 IMG_1150

We wished we could take this beautiful island/occasional table with us.

This cotton wreath would make such a soft, Southern welcome. IMG_1144

This candelabra would look fantastic hanging over a rustic table. IMG_1143

Nothing says “Sweet, Strong Stewarts” like a rusted, metal S. IMG_1147

Weathervanes in my favorite color


There were plenty of olive baskets. I have seen these used in kitchens for apple and potato storage, and think they’d make a pretty neat container for guest room bath towels.IMG_1145

Something about the blue-and-white stripes and chippy wood made me fall for this unusual footstool.


Can you picture this salvaged old alcove’s former glory? I envision it as a pretty nifty store display.IMG_1140

I loved this old entrance to a house of worship. IMG_1139

Who can resist golden angel wings? IMG_1130

Do you see the potential in this old junk, too, or am I just a sentimental nut? Either way, we sure had fun scrounging around!

I hope you’ll share your favorite find with me, and that you’ll join me tomorrow for Part 2.

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