Let’s Go on a Treasure Hunt Part 2

Hello Again! I am so glad you decided to join me once again for some more window shopping, my one and only “sport.”

If you missed Part 1 of our Asheville adventure, you can find it by clicking here.


I have to begin with my big “splurge” of the trip. We visited Southern Highland Craft Gallery just to kill some time. It features work by local artisans who have incredible talent. Featured artists include exceptional woodworkers, jewelry makers, painters, sculptors, quilters, and more.

Truly on a whim, we decided to purchase some wooden cooking utensils. I love the idea that everyday objects can serve as beautiful, functional art. They require a little more gentle care than my steel utensils, but they’ll put a smile on my face every time I use them. Though we both agreed to purchase them, I know Mr. S just wanted to see me smile.

IMG_0999The next two items were found in a Biltmore Village antique store. Not only did I love them, I actually felt that I could replicate at home.

If I ever decide to make over our buffet, I think I’d do a painted pattern like the one on the left. Can you make out the red and white leaves and birds? Though I am a fan of light whites and soothing neutrals in our home, I love the contrast a dark focus piece like this provides.


The chair on the right was one of a set of four. They made my jaw drop. I loved not only their classic shape but the unusual, muted, inky-blue fabric with pops of orange and red. Together with the dark wood finish, it stole the show.

The rest of the shop included many beautiful, fussy things I’m not quite sophisticated enough to appreciate. 😉

We actually even found some furniture and light fixtures equal in price to my entire salary at a nearby store. Can you just picture me holding my breath, praying not to knock anything over?! We couldn’t stop gawking like total tourists at every price tag and yet couldn’t help feeling quite relieved when we left!

We next stopped at “Screen Door,” and we are so happy we did! It is sort of a co-op including MANY dealers and a variety of vintage, re-finished, re-purposed and hand-crafted items.

Though I am picturing items that suit my personal taste below, believe me, there was something for everyone at this place, from mid-century modern, to mountain-cabin rustic.


This huge sign caught my eye right off the bat! I would estimate that it is about 7 feet wide.


Antique tobacco baskets with missing pieces are a common sight here in the South. What is uncommon is to see such baskets artfully repaired with another material.


We laughed together as we agreed that this would be an excellent way to finally protect our little plants from our ruthless Lucy. If you don’t know who Lucy is, you can read about her here.


This table is great inspiration for our soon-to-be-built table (to pair with the chairs featured in I Snagged A Deal, Y’all!)IMG_1010

I know someone is crying because this booth’s owner decided to paint over wood, but I think the result is beautiful! IMG_1014

Mr. S. was frustrated that all these teeth and gears had no function, but we both appreciated the industrial look of this “bar cart.”



I could see this piece being utilized as storage in a foyer or play room (Although, watch out! I imagine a scratch from this baby might require a tetanus shot)! IMG_1024 IMG_1022

Pretty cool pillows for sale as either insert and cover, or just cover. IMG_1017

Another, more Santos Figure like those found in Part 1. IMG_1025

I am in love the with texture and print on these textiles! IMG_1026

Another neat textile display featuring lovely cobalt blue.IMG_1027

Beautiful frames made with scrap wood and beadboard for a cause. You can find them here.

To understand how awesome these next three finds are, you must visit Restoration Hardware’s wooden mirror collection.

Then, compare the products featured online with these in the Screen Door booth for a fraction of the price!

IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1034

I think this craftsman did an incredible job. He/she had other finishes available, too!

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