Mother’s Day 2014

We had some “getting ready” to do around here, both in preparation for summer and for Mother’s Day, which in some ways feels like the truest beginning of the warm, humid weather to come. The first day of Spring and Easter can still be pretty cool, but with upcoming highs in the 80’s and 90’s, it feels the heat is finally upon us.  I can sense the fireflies, porch fans, and sweet tea (my favorites of summer) creeping closer… DSC_0042

Daisies, a gift from a beloved student during teacher appreciation week have replaced the faded hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils of early Spring with its scattered frosts.DSC_0049Once-blossom-less petunias are now putting on a show in the planters Brother built and stained for me from scrap wood. DSC_0112I’ll take a moment to share that I am displaying Mr. S’s flag with pride. It flew over the Police Academy during his time there, and it brings me joy to remember that, whether he is away from home for police work or serving around the world, he is doing what he loves. I love that the Lord gave him such a servant’s heart. I take comfort in knowing whom he serves, from the American flag patch on his uniform’s shoulder (symbolically leading the way into battle), to his current favorite scripture, “And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner.” With the recent loss of yet another Metro police officer Mr. S truly respected, along with some military commitments upon us, I am clinging to these things even more dearly than usual. 


We’ve switched from a thick comforter to a light, white quilt.DSC_0110

Since our table is under construction, we were left without one for hosting Mr. S’s parents for Mother’s Day. Thankfully, my parents’ neighbors came to the rescue and loaned us a folding table for the day. I had too much fun setting the table late at night. DSC_0070DSC_0078

Roses from a very special student and her family. I looked at them, and smiled to think of her recent baptism I was blessed to witness. DSC_0055


We made a little “coffee bar” of sorts, as the only people who drink more coffee than we do are my in laws. 🙂 That’s an impressive amount. I take it black, but delight in the prettiness of laying out creamer and sugar.



The menu for the morning was kielbasa, biscuits, gravy, and plenty of fresh fruit, DSC_0102

O.J. and milk served from a pitcher somehow felt nostalgic.
DSC_0099Warm biscuits. That’s more than enough for a stand-alone sentence in my book. 🙂


The closest claim I have to motherhood for now. 🙂


Our guest of honor arrived with some pretty fun accessories. She is a jewelry lover! DSC_0124DSC_0149

Rick’s wonderful dad sporting the beard he was rocking long before the Dynasty boys… You can read about his amazing role in Mr. S’s life hereDSC_0146

We know where he got those baby blues! This is a mother who fiercely loves her son. She is not only a mother to her three children, she also has an extra special place in the lives of several grandchildren, too. There’s no end to her generosity.


Next, it was off to my momma’s place to celebrate her sweet, perfect heart. A little graduation gift for Brother was also tucked away inside a card.  DSC_0170

If you’re not a dog person, you might be thinking this one gets too much attention. You’d be right. DSC_0177

All three of us are thankful to have this beautiful woman in our lives. To say her heart is made of gold would be an understatement. I cry just thinking about her patience, peacemaking, laughter, love, and more. If you’d like to have a great conversation about things that truly matter, just sit down with this lady. DSC_0187

The boys captured a four-legged escapee…DSC_0191

Brother, whose graduation I’ll have to share soon, ran barefoot to save little Lucy.

Mr. S soiled his jeans sliding “baseball style” to catch that energetic pup. DSC_0207

Momma and her handsome boys. 🙂 DSC_0210Her children rise up and call her blessed…” Prov 31:28a 

20140511-203847.jpgWhite, “lacey” cotton hand towel with an embroidered “G” for Mr. S’s mother, a linen pair embroidered with “N” for mine.


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