A Loving Surprise

During my second year of teaching, I married the man of my dreams.

I confess that I may have been a little distracted as I daydreamed about the ceremony, my groom, and the thought of driving off together, beginning a new adventure. 🙂 That the Lord had blessed me, of all people, with such a steadfast, lion-hearted man was (and is) beyond comprehension.

Luckily for me, the parents and co-workers around me were more than sympathetic to my Disney-princess-esque ideas of happily ever after, and showed me great love and kindness in the weeks leading up to our wedding.

One day, I happily waltzed into the cafeteria for snack, and an entire bridal shower had been set up for me! There were my favorite flowers, snacks, and gifts galore! I was blown away by the kindness, planning, and love that went into every detail.

One of those gifts has been used time and time again. It is from a student’s mom who simply oozes creativity and thoughtfulness. Here is the message on the back:


This perfect gift has blessed us more than words can say. It’s been a happy surprise, and a stronghold for tenderness and intentional praise.

Today, I came home after a late day at work, and discovered this sweet message, from my man of action, but of few words:



A pile of mush? Absolutely! The best message I could imagine receiving from my husband during this season of our lives? For sure. 🙂 I am in agreement that this message will be “an amazing way to start each day” for a good while.

The sweetest part of marriage is that, as smitten as I was before the “I Do,” the love and gratitude only grows.

For us, marriage doesn’t mean togetherness, laying down beside each other at night, or talking every day. But it is a bond beyond words, and we believe the Lord himself sealed the covenant we made to each other. Thankful that neither time nor distance can touch that which is hidden away in Christ.

I pray we continue to draw close during trials as they come, and never pull away.

“So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
Matt 19:6

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