Alabama Finds

I’m happily home again from adventures in Alabama, and ready for some big, exciting (to me) projects to tackle this summer.

I mentioned in this post that Mr. S spoiled me during our time in Birmingham and let me get some unique items for around the house. Being a lover of all things home-related, this sent me over the moon. 🙂

IMG_2489Remember when I asked you to guess which pillow I chose in this photo?


Well, I chose the Tennessee pillow! Mr. S and I truly have a love affair with our state. Even though I’m a transplant, I can’t imagine anywhere sweeter to live. It’s where I met my husband (who says “yes ma’am” and melts my heart), my best girlfriends, and so many other women who have shaped my life. For Mr. S, it is home in every sense of the world, and when he’s away, he longs for it. Once again, I’ll share our favorite song about it. 🙂 IMG_2535

We also discovered these dried artichokes. Odd decor item? Perhaps. However, I love their natural color and texture. They’ve found a semi-permanent home on our buffet.


I confess that we have World Market right here in town, but I couldn’t resist this chair pad that I knew would match my painted desk chair perfectly. 🙂 I also grabbed a few ceramic baking supplies while I was there.
IMG_2539 IMG_2541

Some sweet Baby’s Tears for our nightstand. I have my fingers crossed that its care will be easier than my Maiden Hair ferns (though they’re still thriving).


And, best of all, this beautiful mirror! It is currently hanging over our bed. The color is a muted grayish-green (difficult to capture on camera). IMG_2547 IMG_2549Lucy the Beagle approves!

It’s so fun to put together things slowly over time and to surround ourselves with items that bring back memories of special people and places.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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