Makeover in Minnesota

OK, guys. I have some pretty fabulous aunts. One in particular, though, totally speaks my “language.” 😉

My momma, left, and aunt, right, shopping in SD

She’s my dad’s older sister and is an adorable Music teacher with perfect pitch and is always pulled together. It’s ridiculous. I tragically share neither of those qualities with her (I’ve only got relative pitch, chippy nails, and wrinkled pants instead). However, I am pretty sure I inherited my love of teaching, home decor, organization, and cleaning from her. Also, a few years ago, I discovered that we have identical hands. These things matter.

She raised two sons who are my “big”cousins. They’re just the friendliest and funniest guys you’ve ever met, and they both married precious ladies. How is the whole family so stinkin’ adorable? Well, in the words of Garrison Keillor in Prairie Home Companion, “Minnesota, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” I guess that’s why.

My aunt and her wonderful husband moved into a home they’ve spent the last year or so renovating. The fun thing about these photos is that they’re all “progress” pictures. To me, it already looks fantastic, but they’ve got big plans to do even more!

IMG_3458First up is the entry area. How pretty and light-filled is this space? All the trim was dark and dated, but they’ve freshened it right up with new paint. Aren’t the floors lovely? My aunt got these old slipper chairs for a song and hunted for just the right fabric. When she found this gray-and-white pattern, she had them reupholstered. 

Doesn’t she have a great eye for detail?  IMG_3473

Now we’re downstairs in the basement. Can you believe that’s what this space is? There is no dark, cave-like feeling here! It’s bright and lovely. They wisely added a second window to create a sense of symmetry and to flood the space with light.

We sat here and listened as my dad and aunt shared hilarious stories from their childhood.

IMG_3472They installed this kitchenette which is wonderful for entertaining. Sorry for the poor-quality iPhone picture. 🙂 Though you can’t see every detail, it’s pretty clear that the basement was not just an after-thought. Every nook and cranny was well thought out. 🙂

IMG_3474I loved this chair from a local artisan. It’s nestled beside a desk and piano.

IMG_3475This is a BASEMENT guest room! Can you believe it? The color palette of gray, white, and navy makes it so fresh.

IMG_3476The basement guest bath. Proof that a windowless room can feel cheerful. IMG_3479Classic subway tile with a glass detail. My aunt shared that the tile is not blue, but clear. Its seemingly-blue appearance is a reflection of the paint. IMG_3478These floors. Need I say more? 🙂IMG_3448 IMG_3447

The totally heavenly upstairs bathroom. I got to use this one during our stay and felt like I was in a luxury hotel. I would have snagged a photo of the shower, too, but it was a little tricky.

IMG_3465The upstairs living space is lovely, too. The entry, living room, dining area, and kitchen are all open to each other.

IMG_3463I love the mixture of chair styles and the wall color (Rhino by Behr).
IMG_3464Sweet pieces on the table (and you can take a tiny peak into the pretty laundry). IMG_3461The sideboard in the dining area.

IMG_3462IMG_3451Another wonderful vignette.IMG_3452

I only wish I was a better photographer, because the texture, rather than the colors, is what makes this very serene space pop. The natural fiber rug, the smooth leather, rugged brick, tweed-like upholstery, shiny throws, and reflective tray make drinking in the space a treat!

I sat here and shared an early-morning cup of coffee with her, just the two of us. ❤

The fireplace mantel; details galore!

Next time, I hope to share two more bedrooms, another bathroom, the laundry room, and the kitchen. I can’t wait to visit again, not just to see the progress on their beautiful home, but to spend time with my amazing family. So blessed to have them.

I’m so thankful my aunt let me share this space with you. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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