Dad’s High School Reunion

Though we traveled to South Dakota for a cousin’s wedding, good fortune was on our side. It also happened to be the weekend of Dad’s High School reunion. Those who were able met at a small pocket park to share food, memories, and warm wishes.

It was a privilege to meet his classmates and hear stories of the huge amounts of fun they created in a small, sleepy town. Like many children, it has been difficult for me to imagine my dad “pre-kids,” but I got a better picture that day. It was so apparent that those assembled shared many common values and much history. Even after decades, there was no lull in conversation.

IMG_3390Daddy chatting away. IMG_3392Love this photo of my momma; it shows her personality perfectly. She is always great company and has a smile and laughter in store for everyone.
IMG_3393 IMG_3394 See this creek? It looks deceptively like any creek you’d find here in the South. We were told we’d definitely cool down on the (uncharacteristically) hot and humid day if we waded into the water. We soon found that to be truer than we could have imagined; the water could not have been any warmer than 40 degrees by my estimate. IMG_3399 Brother bravely waded in deep (I only dipped my feet) and emerged with first numb, then painfully-cold shins! Brrrrr! By the way, did you notice the automobile in the riverbank? 🙂

When we returned, we got to leaf through old yearbooks. 🙂 It was a real treat!
IMG_3400IMG_3402IMG_3401 Wasn’t Daddy fly with that bright red mop of curls and those flared, plaid pants? 🙂IMG_3403Dad taking the opportunity to acknowledge the part his hometown played in the successes and happiness he’s enjoyed in his life so far. He expressed appreciation for his home and its people; a lovely sentiment.

When asked by one classmate what kind of a father my dad had been, I confess that I only managed to choke out the word, “Great.” In truth, my mind was racing with how to put what a great provider he’s been, what security his presence has always given me, how I appreciate the lessons about hard work he’s given me, how my husband and I still seek out his advice all the time, and how I enjoy my folks’ company more than just about anybody’s.  It’s hard for me to string together thoughts like that without thinking for a while.

IMG_3405So thankful to meet these people and pray their lives are full and blessed!


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