Shopping In Downtown Spearfish


Come and stroll through a special place where my dad grew up, and where I traveled as a child to visit grandparents and cousins.

My Dad’s home town is nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It’s a charming town called Spearfish. I’ve heard so many tales of the city that it has become sort of “legendary” in our family (my cousins who grew up there would probably disagree).

It features an amazing downtown area with uncharacteristically wide streets for the era of its construction (I’d imagine this has really been advantageous in the age of automobiles). IMG_3336We met up with my aunt and cousin for a day of shopping in the little unique stores around the area.

Naturally, we had to start with coffee. We visited a great local coffee shop called Common Grounds. IMG_3331IMG_3330From concrete floors, to mismatched tables, to bags hanging from the ceiling, this place has a relaxed vibe I just love in a coffee shop. IMG_3332The bar where the magic happens. She was pulling a pretty tasty shot for my americano here. 🙂 IMG_3334Spearfish is a goldmine for those who love the outdoors. My cousin, who loves fly fishing, met us in his waders; he simply jumped out of a creek and drove to meet us for coffee. 🙂

IMG_3340IMG_3335I love that this realty office gives a rustic, mountain vibe. They sure capitalized on the appeal of the area! IMG_3337This shop, Hudson & Main, was my favorite by a landslide. If you want to check them out for yourself, click here for their facebook page.


IMG_3344Gorgeous painted table (maybe ASCP Pure White?), hurricanes, realistic faux florals, and yummy smells.

IMG_3345I cannot lie; I was in love with this Toile-Upholstered chair. Did you notice the neat details scattered about?

IMG_3346The chalkboard planters were precious. I can picture it in a kitchen window with herbs planted, labeled, and ready for use.


IMG_3348I adored this primitive horse sculpture. I learned that horses there work hard and are sometimes owned by true ranchers who herd cattle over (literally) thousands of acres. Isn’t that kind of a romantic idea? Reminds me of that old Dean Martin song, “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me.” 

IMG_3349This painted and glazed lamp would be a warm, inviting welcome in an entry way or guest room.

IMG_3351I’m not very well educated, but this looks like a gateleg table of sorts (please jump in and inform me if you know better).



IMG_3354I was truly tempted to take a few of these home and use them as art above our bedside tables. Sort of kicking myself for not doing so! Hudson & Main featured some fun salvaged pieces.



IMG_3357Momma and my aunt.


IMG_3360I’d love an acorn wreath on my door this fall!

IMG_3361They are retailers of Annie Sloan Fabrics…

IMG_3362… AND have a ASCP classroom!




IMG_3366Sorry for the back-lit cell pic!

IMG_3367And one of my favorites from Hudson & Main, a stunning piece of stained glass.

Next, we visited other stores around the square. I loved these items from a local antique store:



IMG_3379I dreamed of using these baskets to store sporting goods in a mudroom or boys’ room. Can’t you picture it piled high with vintage baseballs and a catcher’s mitt? ❤

IMG_3381Another store that, despite changing hands many times since dad’s childhood, had an original ceiling that was a walk down memory lane for my dad.

IMG_3384This vintage wrap dress in an amazing nautical print just begged me to be purchase it and wear it on a cruise somewhere exotic. 😉

IMG_3388Oh, and I made a friend.

Thanks for visiting a place so close to my heart with me!

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