Big changes around here!

I said “goodbye” to our huge entertainment center. It was pretty and functional, but I was ready for something much smaller and wanted to make room for another chair (what’s a living room for if not for hosting loved ones?).

The entertainment center, cherry coffee table, and matching side table all went to Brother’s first home! Yes, he bought his first place. And he’s got just the skills to fix it up and make it truly special.

IMG_3754.JPGI got a brand new, beautiful hutch for our dining area, so the little dresser-turned-buffet has become our entertainment center! Here’s an Instagram screen shot… IMG_4151I love this cozy reading corner for morning Bible Study and evening rest.
So the new challenge is what to do on the opposite side. And I swapped out the slipcovers from white to beige. I guess our seating follows the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule, too! 🙂 IMG_4153


In favor of symmetry, I can purchase an identical chair for the right side. It would be comfy and cozy, though I might skip a second ottoman at first to ensure that the room would still feel spacious.

IMG_4152.JPGThe second option would add texture and a natural color I love, but at a much smaller scale. I could include a small accent table for a drink, though. I am afraid, however, that the scale would be out of proportion…

So, soothing symmetry or added interest? I can’t decide! If you have an opinion, please share! 🙂

Also, I’m SO ready to add some fall coziness, but with temperatures in the 90’s, I’ll hold off a few more weeks.

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