Sitting Pretty

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I can’t resist giving an updated account of Lucy’s progress.

*Lucy waits patiently for minutes after kibbles are poured and doesn’t eat until she hears, “Amen!”
*She can retrieve a few specific items from around our home like her bowl, her bone, and even her leash.
*When her water dish is empty, she brings it to me to ask for more.
*She releases items without a fight. She simply flops over and shows us her belly submissively.
*Upon return from a walk, she sits down and waits for her leash to be unhooked rather than tearing off in a panic.

We still need to work on her habit of jumping on company out of excitement. She even licks them on the mouth… It horrifies me. So does her tendency to beg at the table. I am hoping that Mr. S will work with her obedience on the leash, too. She pulls so…

She has gotten too smart for her own good and tries her best to disobey commands to get into her crate by hiding under our bed, cowering behind pillows, or simply sitting at the entrance and refusing to walk in.

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