Classroom Updates

I continue to strive to make my classroom an inviting place for little ones who enter. I pray that each time they enter, they feel at ease. And you know what, it really helps set the tone for my day, too! 🙂

A co-teacher and I recently picked up new lamps for my living room, so I was left with an extra pair at home.

Just before giving them away, I realized they could make my Math room feel a little more cozy.


I’m also excited to say that with over a year of re-organizing and re-working the space, I’ve reduced the clutter in the room from 4 HUGE filing cabinets down to one. What a relief to gain some space back!

A parent owns a little art studio and let me pick one out. I had to grab the robin’s nest picture.

I have enjoyed styling the top of the shelf. It’s so easy to use “kid lit” as decor because there are illustrations to match any scheme.

Below are a zillion manipulatives for easy access for the kids. I love the blue plastic shoebox containers. 🙂 An easy pop of color that’s super functional.

Usually there are files and transparencies or stray coffee mugs on the top, so I realized I’d better take a picture to make it last longer 😉

This year, I also scored some clearance fabric from Walmart and sewed some simple curtains. I didn’t bother to line them, but sewed a little fabric ribbon and some buttons on for a little kid-friendly pop.

Looking back, I wish I’d taken the time to line them but there’s no going back now. 🙂


I picked up this fun organizer from IKEA in MN and have enjoyed using it at the writing center to hold pencils and crayons while leaving the surface free for a Clorox wipe whenever I feel the need to sanitize (only about 50 times a day).

There’s a finite number of sneezes and coughs I can tolerate before I have to halt all activity and pass out the wipes. 😉

One thought on “Classroom Updates

  1. How blessed your students are to have the privilege of spending their days learning from you in this lovely, comfortable and welcoming environment.

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