Thumbprint Tree

My precious childhood friend is getting married.

She’s a talented dancer and singer, and she blessed me by singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” at our wedding. I’ll never forget anxiously waiting to enter the chapel, hearing that sweet voice, and forgetting my nerves as my heart agreed, “Yes! Great IS Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

I got to return the favor. No, no. Not by singing. The guests might evacuate the building if I did that.

I got to draw her a Thumbprint Tree just like ours.

In place of a guest book, we asked guests to stamp their thumbprints on the tree. We also asked people to sign and/or mark favorite scriptures in our first Stewart Family Bible. Rather than a guest book stored for years, we get to enjoy both each day. Both are sweet reminders of the community we’ve enjoyed!

IMG_4822.JPGMy friend’s looks a lot like ours, but they’ve chosen to use fall-colored ink pads for the foliage. Won’t that be sweet?

IMG_4825.JPGThat crosshatching is tedious but rather therapeutic once you’re in the “groove.”

IMG_4823.JPGMy favorite part is this personal touch. The bride wanted the Irish Claddagh symbol incorporated. Traditionally, this symbol is worn as a ring by eligible young women with the heart facing outward toward passersby. When she’s not available, she turns it around to show that her heart is taken. Isn’t that the sweetest symbolism? I can tell you her heart is definitely taken by her groom. 🙂

I’ve thought it would be an enjoyable side business to draw and sell these to order. It’ll depend on how bold I’m feeling.

So looking forward to the nuptials of these two. And praying over this exciting season of life!

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