Buffalo… Check!

Can we please talk about my obsession today?

I’ve had a crush on buffalo check for the last couple of years now (have you noticed it’s my blog theme?). I’m particularly in love with the light, flax/linen color (someday I may stray from my love of neutrals and blues, but not anytime soon).

I’ve always adored gingham, and like any print, it just seems so much more enticing blown up. Aren’t large-scale prints the best?

From The Enchanted Home
Southern Living Idea House 2012: Farmhouse Restoration http://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/idea-houses/idea-house-photo-tour/khaki-gingham-bedroom

I’ve been keeping my eye out for resources forever! Not many products come in this fabric, though Ballard Designs JUST began carrying it (link here), so i realized I’d need to buy some fabric and commit to sewing things myself.

I found it by a couple of designers but it seemed my choices were either more per yard than I wanted to, or order a bulk amount and end up with way too much fabric.

Then, thanks to a blog I follow called “Dixie Delights,” I learned that IKEA of all places sold the fabric in a fantastic shade (not too yellow or peachy). You can check out the rest of the Big Boy Room reveal pictured below by clicking here.

From Dixie DelightsIsn’t it a fantastic room? I would be happy to call it my own; I think that lucky boy has his own little slice of heaven! It also features some burlap touches that make it lovely.

January 2013 035 copy_thumbAnd the print from The Old Try (closed Sundays, even online), is on my favorites list for, prayerfully, our own future children. It reads “yes ma’am no ma’am yes sir no sir please thank you”

Anyway, back to the buffalo check hunt! berta-ruta-fabric__0134149_PE290050_S4

I learned that IKEA offers this fabric at just $8.99 per yard! THAT is a price I love. However, I soon found that it’s not sold online; only in stores. Bummer. I kept the fabric option in mind for months, but couldn’t bring myself to drive hours to the nearest location just for some fabric.

When we traveled to Minnesota this summer, I was finally able to pick up some fabric! I literally begged my family to set aside for the trip (you can laugh at me, but weren’t they sweet to indulge me?). Between IKEA, my family, and John Piper’s home church (I didn’t get to attend but dreamed about it), Minneapolis became one of my favorite cities.

Now the sewing has begun! So far, two pillows are complete. Curtains are in the works next, but I’m dreading lining those long panels (laziness and inexperience are brutal hurdles).I’ve got some hilariously pitiful swatches hanging with frayed edges just so I can study them for a bit before I  “commit.”

Hope to share the finished project soon, though it will look NOTHING like those glossy magazine-worthy shots, it’ll be a small peak of happiness.  Here’s a little peek below. Untitled

Christmas Preparations

Battling week 4 of a rather brutal cough/cold I simply cannot beat and almost healed from whiplash from an automobile collision.

I finally gave in and have taken two days off from work after much deliberation and have been feeling such a strong longing to be there, but know I will not get better if I do not rest. On pins and needles wondering how the day is going, but know that I have the best team teachers in the world.

Sadly, Mr. S has caught “the funk” from me, too. I suppose it’s the time of year in which that becomes an occupational hazard for all teachers. We are giving thanks for generally good health and for no serious injuries from the car accident. IMG_6300-1The day after Thanksgiving, we brought one of our nephews home for a slumber party. We watched Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, and decorated for Christmas. We cherished the one-on-one time with him.

I sure was thankful to have two great helpers!

We got the place ready for celebration. Mr. S specifically requested plenty of classic red, and I happily obliged.

I got it in my head that we’d use a galvanized tub instead of a tree skirt for our tree, and it meant poor Mr. S was basically all on his own to find one and to situate the tree safely in the tub. Isn’t love grand?

Little ironstone pitcher full of Christmas goodness. IMG_6312

Our simple little nativity scene brings me joy and makes me feel like a little kid again. I just play with the figures, scoot them around, and imagine what those present must have thought and felt! IMG_6303

We tied pine branches to our chairs to add a little something, too.

Merry Christmas to you, wherever you may be! Letting the true reason for the season fill my heart. No need to focus on events, parties, and fancy gifts.

Enjoying time with my dear Mr. S while he is home.

Now to get well!