Happy New Year: Goals and Changes for 2015

IMG_6672Happy New Year, Friends!

I want to share some changes, dreams, and goals around these parts. Forgive me as I don’t even bother to proofread and let my dreams take the reins for a few minutes.

First, Mr. S enjoyed a (well-deserved) military “leave” recently in which he was able to grow a beard. Ha! This is nearly impossible for a police officer and soldier, so he took advantage of the opportunity. The bright-red beard bit the dust in the final days of 2014. Bye, beard! See you after retirement or on a future deployment!

IMG_6684 Secondly, I’ve begun a process I am calling “The Great Un-Decorating of January 2015.” Yep! I’ve realized that, though I love home decor, I will forever be terrified of clutter and knick-knacks. Have you ever been in a decor-lover’s home that was such an unrestrained jumble, you couldn’t focus on anything, but just the magnitude of everything? Friends, I realized I have the potential to be that friend. Yikes!

I love homey, cozy, and inviting. I don’t love unedited rooms full of everything that’s ever caught my eye. I love to share and donate. I don’t love to hoard. I don’t want to love our living space, I want to love living in our space.

Does that make a lick of sense to anyone else but me? Basically, unless it’s functional or irresistibly lovely, it’s going into storage until it can be used in our first home or donated to someone else who can enjoy it now. Silly and trivial though it may seem to some, I take homemaking seriously and am praying over these decisions. I pray our home is a sanctuary for friends, family, and strangers alike. A place of peace and restoration.

OK, now I’m ready to share some scary New Year’s goals and plans. I say scary because writing them here makes them feel more concrete.

This year, I plan to read My Utmost For His Highest from cover to cover. It’s a classic, and I think it’ll be a precious starting point to my quiet time. I also want to read the One-Year Chronological Bible to improve my Bible history knowledge.

I want to commit to doing a workout three days a week, and will change my routine drastically from what it’s been in the past. Running distances truly hurts my knees, and after talking to our chiropractor and my fitness-loving husband at length, I’ve decided I will stick to 2-3 miles or running for me (it’s still my favorite) or 20-30 minutes of cycling paired with strength training. It’s a modest goal so I know I can stick it out. I will also eat fried food only one day a week. Again, not a drastic change but a realistic change, and a change worth making!

I want to intentionally pour into a girlfriend every day. I have been hugely blessed with many sweet women I just love to pieces from childhood, college, church, and work. I want to invest in other women the way older women have invested in me.

I am going to cut down on coffee. I’ve already cut back to a daily two-cup limit (another order from our chiropractor) and hope to reduce that to one. Let’s be honest, I’ll never quit completely, friends.

I want to intentionally continue my education. I am truly a lover of reading, learning, and listening, but haven’t chased after my areas of interest with purpose. I want to pursue the things that interest me with vigor. From U.S. history to Geometry to Spanish, I want to learn it all!

Last but not least… This one is scary to put into words, because I don’t know what it is… I have a vague goal and I am still praying through it. I want, and almost need, to have a creative outlet. I don’t know what that will look like! I have so many dreams, from refinishing furniture to doing wedding invitation calligraphy, to selling prints, to helping friends decorate and organize their homes, to someday owning a little shop of my own. I want to help make other people’s lives beautiful. I truly just hope the Lord will show me what to do and how to add that to full schedule and my first love (teaching). For now, I’ll cultivate these things and wait.

Thanks for letting me share with you in this little dream space! ❤

Mr. S, Daddy, and Momma on New Year’s Eve in Nashville
The final, splendid sunset of 2014. Revealing glory!

What are your dreams for 2015? Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Goals and Changes for 2015

  1. Thank you for your ever encouraging posts!

    A couple of my goals are reading through a MacArthur daily Bible I’ve had for years and making our house a home.

  2. I have sat in my favorite chair and so enjoyed your blog. You could truly be a wonderful inspiring writer. Was so happy to meet Mr S. Cute as a button with or without the beard. Your Mom and Dad are adorable. You inspire me to jump up now at 11pm and do something. You are a wonderful person and the students who are blessed to be with you are so blessed. Wish you were neighbor, just having you close would be so wonderful. I know your Mr S and Mom and Dad are so proud. I’m sure your beautiful aunt is as proud of you as you are her. Thank you for all the sweet things you shared. So enjoyed every word. God’s blessings on your endeavors for the New Year and all your dreams come true. Loretta, you know me best as painter_of_people

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