Little Snapshots Lately

Recent additions, simple stylings, some antique finds, projects, and a whole lot of this space we are grateful to call home. 2015/01/img_7235.jpgDreaming of Spring but enjoying winter.


2015/01/img_7221.jpgOrganizing art supplies


2015/01/img_7198.jpgSome new bookshelves

2015/01/img_7142.jpgPutting fresh leaves and flowers everywhere

2015/01/img_7103.jpgFavorite devotional right now



2015/01/img_7047.jpgAlabama antique finds

2015/01/img_7063.jpgAfternoon light

2015/01/img_7034.jpgMore AL sweetness

2015/01/img_7057.jpgOur little hall


2015/01/img_7036.jpgI almost snagged this for our front door

2015/01/img_6987.jpgA silly doodle

2015/01/img_6950.jpgIn my kitchen

2015/01/img_6973.jpgA project for a sweet friend

2015/01/img_7082.jpgOur little dish pantry

2015/01/img_6876.jpgThe sleepiest pup you ever met


2015/01/img_6777.jpgCandle mold


2015/01/img_6850.jpgThis olive bucket came home from NC

2015/01/img_6727.jpgAs did (finally) the perfect tobacco basket.


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