Prepping the Porch

Our view is a parking lot, so it takes a little extra love to make it a pretty place to sit. But that effort is worth it, because being outside in warm weather is just the best.

I refinished our brown, wicker-style chairs in gray. Up close, quite a bit of brown and white show through the gray which is just what I hoped to achieve. The different tones make it look more natural. 

I grabbed the plush, blue cushions from Target (they’re way more comfy than our thin green ones), and sewed some gray-and-cream envelope pillow covers from duck cloth. I tried to stretch that fabric pretty far, so maybe the two sides don’t quite meet. 🙂

Still, I had a blast using the new sewing machine Mr. S encouraged me to buy. I feel truly spoiled! 

I planted some cold-tolerant pansies to usher in the somewhat warmer weather. Tennessee is too unpredictable to believe we won’t ge a few more hard freezes.

A pair of our planters nestle on the railings, but I always secure them with extra wires to prevent a fall.

I found this little galvanized tray on sale at Hobby Lobby, and hope it will be useful for hosting several sweet girlfriends this spring and summer. 

Also, my favorite color is blue, and while I use it sparingly indoors, I feel free to splash it all over the place outside. 

C’mon over! 💕

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