Springing Forward Inside

I’ve been adding touches of spring indoors today after a few intensive days of washing slipcovers and linens. Everything smells like Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena detergent and it’s like heaven.

I have been aided by a new vacuum, sewing machine, and small cordless vacuum this week, and I know that doesn’t sound exciting at all, but to me it’s a thrill!

My work has been interrupted by a very needy beagle several times, but I don’t mind a bit.

I added a bench to one side of our table, because to me, a bench feels like a casual place to have a seat and relax. I hope everyone who enters feel welcome and at home.  I added my blue bird pillows and love the serene pop of color they add.I really do prefer to decorate seasonally by just changing out natural elements rather than adding lots of decor.  The demijohn of pussywillow branches was replaced with a vase of humble grocery store tulips (which I adore).IMG_9194

It’s starting to feel ready around here. Ready for the warmth to come.

Are you ready for spring to arrive as well?

P.S. Tonight is the night. I am FINALLY sewing my buffalo check drapes… They’ve been frayed material trailing on the floor for far too long! 💕

2 thoughts on “Springing Forward Inside

    1. Hi, there! It was a duvet cover from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. We received it as a wedding gift. Though they don’t carry one identical to this anymore, they have several similar options! Thanks for stopping by!

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