Bye, T.V. and a Few Little Things

I have been working on making this little apartment feel like a home for nearly 3 and a half years now. Things have slowly transformed to my “style,” and I think I’m finally read to call it done. No, I will never stop rearranging because it’s simply too fun, but I don’t see any reason to try and furnish this temporary living space further and risk it not fitting in out next home. That kind of excites me! Looking forward to a season of just being content with and thankful for the things we have.

In the first months here, I made the mistake of buying things because they were OK, cheap, and filled the space. I ultimately wasted money that way, so my advice to anyone furnishing his or her first place is to wait patiently for things you just LOVE and that are meaningful, and to let it grow from there organically over time. I think there is such a different feeling in a home put together in one fell swoop than in one collected over time. It may not look like a picture from a magazine or be right on trend (ours sure doesn’t), but it will feel like home, and I believe that is infinitely better.We bought this side table at World Market for next to nothing. The original wooden tabletop was cracking,  so the manager gave us a deep discount for buying the floor model. We enjoyed it for a year, but the crack grew and grew. Rather than repairing it with clamps and wood glue (I never really liked the color anyway) or buying a new side table, I found this metal crown tray at Magnolia Market, ordered it, and hoped the measurements given were accurate. I really like this as a tabletop. I was thrilled when it arrived last week and fit like a glove. It’s just quirky enough for me.  

 I also put away the T.V. altogether. I am around chatter all day, so I cherish peace and quiet at home. It will return this September, but I look forward to a quiet Spring and Summer.   I found these coffee bags on a recent trip to Southern Accents Architectural Antiques in Alabama and framed them. I cut them up and framed them (I have a project planned for the bird prints that were in them). I can’t really think of more fitting “art” for two avid coffee drinkers.Edit      My bulbs on the balcony are beginning to bloom.     Spring sunlight stretching into the evening has been heavenly.  I placed a little cloche with a fern and tiny nest on my grandmother’s china to quietly celebrate the season.   Including this because I never want to forget having a dog who insists on being under a blanket. I filled out dough bowl with a few dried hydrangea stems. I would love to know how to do this myself. I have  tried without success.

 This is my favorite find. A vintage mailbox hangs below a special note from my husband. It’s filled with letters written when we were far apart.  My heart could burst. 

P.S. Southern Architectural Accents Antiques rocks. This is it:  


7 thoughts on “Bye, T.V. and a Few Little Things

  1. Love love love! I love your taste. I agree! We have been in our new home for almost a year and I still don’t have it done. Buying things just because they are cheap is NOT the way to go!!

    1. You are so kind, Bethany! You are so kind! Just take your time and enjoy the process just like you are. I am sure it’s beautiful! Thank you SO much for stopping by our little blog!

  2. Lindsey…this all looks so perfect!! I agree, its better to wait for the perfect thing, I have made the mistake of rushing purchases and regretted it. Your home is so lovely!!! And props to you for no TV, I’m not sure I can do without!

  3. Totally feel you on the ‘buying things because they were cheap.’ I too have now learned to patiently wait until I’m ready to buy that thing that I actually love. I also feel you on the fact that this isn’t a permanent home but you want it to feel cozy and your style. I too have stopped adding and now I just move things around! HAHA! Love all you’ve done.

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