A hard frost made me bring these plants inside. They’re all cold tolerant, but I didn’t want to risk losing them when it is so simple to bring in potted flowers.  

So, after two nights indoors, I woke to this sweet-smelling sight this Palm Sunday morning.  I suppose our 70-degree apartment tricked the bulbs.

 They really brighten up the balcony now that they’re outside.  

 Sweet Lucy even likes to smell them (though I watch carefully as they are toxic to dogs). We enjoyed some relaxation on the porch today as we bathed in the buttery light of the golden hour, listened to cheery wind chimes,  and braced ourselves against cold winds.  

 I also forgot to share that a seagrass rug arrived, and I inadvertently ruined the binding by dragging this huge thing by myself. The damage is hidden underneath the ottoman. Lesson learned: wait to ask a kind neighbor for a hand when needed.

 I do enjoy the texture it adds to the space. And I love the cottage-like quality it possesses. Yes, there are plants and flowers everywhere.    

 The biggest news around here, though, is that one of my dear friends and co-workers received a precious baby girl this week. She surprised her parents and came quite early! She is beautiful as can be, and will be so dearly loved her whole life. 

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