Spring Shenanigans


I saw this beautiful map vintage map of Tennessee on Instagram recently. It was too far to drive, and the store was unable to ship. But, a sweet high school friend just happened to see my comment and offered to pick it up for me and meet me with it! I am so thankful! I think Mr. S will love it! I love that, no matter where life takes us through the years, we will always have a reminder of our home. 


Spring days at home have felt so gracious and long after a winter full of cold, dark days.  


I’ve been loving gorgeous views on my outdoor runs and walks with Lucy. I am trying hard to be moderate in my exercise and not tax my knees unescessarily, but it’s like a joy overwhelms me when I see a sight like this that says, “Go forward!” 🙂 

      A few sweet ladies from church and I enjoyed a big breakfast and long hike at Bledsoe Creek State Park. This is where Mr. S and I had our first date over six years ago.  

Yesterday, we had another “date” with us! He was such a trooper and the whole way! 

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