Then & Now

Just for fun, here are a few photos of how the apartment has changed slowly over the last four years. It was filled with hand-me-downs (for which I was and am truly grateful) when I moved in as a first-year teacher, then slowly evolved over the years as sweet Mr. S and I were married and we found treasures together over time.  

I loved our newly-married bedroom. We found those little side tables for next to nothing at Home Goods, and they were sweet but wobbly. Soon, Mr. S said he really needed a place to store his junk! We’ve added functional things like that over the last few years. We added the bench that’s nice for laying pillows at night and for putting on shoes in the morning, and the bookshelves dad built for my childhood bedroom (retrieved from our attic and hung here by my brother).  

 Our living room wall was completely taken up by the huge brown sectional. Now, I admit, it was the comfiest sectional on Earth. But when we have groups over, it’s so nice that we now have a much smaller sofa on one side and two chairs on the other. Mr. S will disagree wholeheartedly since he misses his “napping couch.” 🙂 Isn’t he sweet to compromise?  We went with an IKEA couch because I knew I wanted a slipcover (the freedom of pulling it off and just tossing it in the wash is awesome) but wanted the couch itself to be affordable and the replacement covers to be cheap, too.

 This was “my” apartment when I first moved in. I felt so at home right away. 

Then, we inherited the HUGE entertainment center from my parents. It was great storage and so “warm” in color that it made things feel cozy. However with the huge sectional, huge coffee table, and huge entertainment center, there was no room for anything else. 🙂  

This was our photo recently. This layout is so much more functional. We still have storage, we have room for more seating, everyone who visits has a place to rest their glass or snacks, and the room is much more “open.”  

 Here it is now. The TV is (temporarily) gone because I just don’t watch it and it’s the perfect spot for a fern! Ha! I know no one else in the USA would agree with my logic.      The desk migrated to the opposite wall since we no longer have a 15-foot sectional taking up all the real estate.    It received a skirt to hide essentials (files, the printer, paper, office supplies). It was a way more affordable solution to cover items than to buy a brand new deal with built-in-storage.   Another space that changed was our dining room. I added the white dresser (now our “entertainment center”) after I refinished it from a family piece sitting in storage. The bar height table was an awesomely inexpensive garage sale find, but the leaf was damaged and we had people literally rock over in those tall chairs (they were stable, but the height made them treacherous). We also realized they were not very kid-friendly, and we wanted our friends with children to be able to eat with us, too.   Dad, Brother, and I built this table ourselves. I still love it! We saved so much thanks to to those handy guys!   When the dresser-turned-buffet became our entertainment center, we added this Joss & Main storage find which really helped up out in our small space. We use it for our every day dishes, linens, napkins, aprons, and all that jazz. 

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me! It’s fun to look back. I think this place is just about “done.” 🙂 

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