Mother’s Day 2015

We got to celebrate my sweet momma today. She’s original, hilarious, kind-hearted, accommodating, musically-talented, generous, and a million other things. To know her is to love her; just ask anyone!Brother decided we should take a hat picture and we all obliged (including Dad, the photographer). We made coffee in mom and dad’s fancy new coffee maker…And brother and I cooked a big Mother’s Day brunch.     So glad Momma didn’t fall taking this!  I found and tried on an old dress (50’s?) of my maternal grandmother’s and was amazed that  it fit like a glove. I’d love to wear it to a special event someday. I may be a goober for sharing this, but I thought it was beyond cool! 🙂  

  Daddy and I made spaghetti noodles from scratch after a ride down to Williams Sonoma. It was so fun to have some time with him while mom rested at home.  

Those noodles were pretty wonderful! Love my family, and I am so thankful for my mother. She’s the glue that keeps us together and we adore her!   

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