Galvanized Tub as a Planter

If there’s one thing that delights me, it’s making our home “homey.” Gardening lends itself to just that. To my sentimental heart, there’s something lovely about flourishing plants that says, “This is a place where things are nourished and grow.” I know. Sappy, right?  I use a lot of herbs and seasoning in my cooking, so I was excited to try and grow a few outdoors this summer.

 In an apartment, containers inside and out provide that opportunity. I chose a galvanized tub as a planter this year for several reasons. First, I had one on hand (you can’t argue with “free”). This wide container is suitable for a “mini garden.” It also adds a bit of fresh farm appeal without being in-your-face thematic. 
The one modification that’s essential is drilling a few drainage holes in the bottom. I drilled one in the center and a few more spread out evenly due to the width of the container. It’s as easy as that! You can add some rocks in the base for added drainage, too.

 I also recently brought my beloved ferns outside on an overcast day (direct sun is the enemy of ferns) for my first attempt at fertilizing them. I purchased liquid fish emulsion fertilizer and diluted it heavily (about 1/8 of a cup in a gallon of water). The product does have a rather strong smell I didn’t enjoy, but I hope my plants do! I’m anxious to see if they survive; I know the wrong, too-strong fertilizer can be the enemy of delicate fronds, so we’ll see… Fingers crossed! 

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