Guest Blogging at Just Married Ministries

I am so pumped about a new ministry, Just Married Ministries, whose aim is to provide resources and encouragement for newly-married couples. 

I got to guest blog for them this week about my VERY favorite topic; making a home!

Click here to visit and read my post. 

Homemaking. What a vanilla word. What does it bring to mind when you read it? Does it conjure up the smell of warm apple pie and freshly-laundered linens? Perhaps you think of the women who appear to have mastered it, a smiling June Cleaver or Martha Stewart. Maybe it even makes you cringe as you think of a monotonous list of chores completed by a bored housewife. 

I had my own ideas about homemaking, and they were somehow both intimidating and frightfully dull all at once. The idea of afternoons spent making beds, dusting, organizing our home life sounded like a exhaustingly high standard and horribly monotonous. But a couple of years of marriage and study of God’s word has changed that for me. For me, homemaking has gone from energy-sucking to life-giving, from dull to important, and from perfection-seeking to grace-filled. It has become a ministry to our little family of two. It’s more than the warm dinners served or the curtains sewn.


Read the rest here

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