Summer Update

A random mash up of life lately…

I spontaneously decided to doodle all over our dresser and use some ASCP in Duck Egg to paint my doodle in place.  

  It’s fun and silly and just right… For now. This little “entertainment center” will get a makeover down the road. I neglected to prime it before painting it white and have regretted that decision ever since. It constantly seeps old stain and sap right the paint. I think it needs to be stripped, cleaned up with some TSP, sanded, and primed before attempting to refinish it again. 

  Also, I’m an aunt! At least to a puppy. Brother got this little beagle girl, Remington (“Remy”) last week. She was in rough shape with worms when he got her, but he’s nursed her to health and she approves. He is taking on this puppy in the midst of a huge home renovation. I am so impressed by his work ethic and tell him so often.  Lucy approves of her “cousin” wholeheartedly.   But that’s just because she still gets plenty of attention.   As always, I’ve been shuffling decor. 

  And cleaning and organizing. My enjoyment of those tasks knows no end.

I got to spend a very special day with one of my former students while her mother completed some professional development. This little one is part of my dear crew of students I had for multiple years… They’ll all always have a special place in my heart.    Starbucks, breakfast, classroom volunteering, shopping, and lunch were all on the agenda.  

  It turns out, this little one is the best shopping and dining company a girl could hope for.   I finally hung my vintage TN map plaque.  … And found a seasonal home for my CL Fair print.   I created this new printable for my Etsy shop and am a little bit in love with the charcoal constellations and stars. I got to host a friend as we attended a wedding and a birthday party together.    I always love spending time with this group of ladies.  The birthday girl.   My best friend came and stayed for a “staycation” in which we rested and ate a lot of delicious food.       

   And I got some new specs! It’s a wonder what a new prescription does to the world around you.  

I also have permanent fine lines and one gray hair this summer. I am excited as can be to be getting my “crown of glory,” though I suppose I will be covering it when I get a few more to go with it.   I made my first batch of pesto with herbs from my balcony container garden.   

Lucy and I are now just waiting for someone we love to come home. Not too much longer, I suppose. It has been a long, worrisome year and a half, but it is my testimony that the Lord strengthens and sustains us, and brings us joy no matter. I am learning more and more to lift up praise and thanks first, always, and no matter. He is so good, and He does not withhold good.

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