I’ve been too busy welcoming this man to post a thing. But, the “strong” half of “Sweet Strong Stewarts” is home. 


 Maybe someday, I’ll be able to put my heart into a blog. For now, I’ll just say that God has done too big a thing in this soul of mine to write it neatly. 

Because God has taught me to rejoice through trial, rejoicing through blessing and sunshine has become that much sweeter.

For now, I’ll just thank Jesus. It is forever my testimony that God is faithful. 

  And in another area of faithfulness, we voted to confirm our new senior pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church this evening! Dr. Robby Gallaty was welcomed with tears, praise, and applause this evening as an overwhelming majority of our members (99%) voted for him. Tonight was this beautiful lesson. His heart for sharing the Word just as it is is so evident and reminds me of our dear Brother David. 
Tonight, I am placing another “stone of remebrance” in my heart. God has been faithful again and again. Here he goes again, lavishing blessings upon my life, our family, and our church. 

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