Life has been full of happy, busy days. Making art as gifts for others…  Getting rides from my cute taxi driver while my Focus was in the shop.  Taking a personal days and spending time with this poor baby (we found out she has a strange and severe deformity causing her breathing troubles and other, less appetizing issues).   Visiting Long Hollow Gardens, now a wedding venue, I’ve found!   And convincing sweet Mr. S to let me get just one or two more planters.       I got to buy my first All-Clad fry pan from Williams Sonoma (with the help of a generous gift card from mom and dad).    I’ve enjoyed some dates with this ragamuffin who is loving not having to be clean shaven while on leave between homecoming and returning to Metro.  I enjoyed the chance to meet some lovely online friends.   And it’s nearly our 3-year anniversary! One more week of school, then fall break! 

I hoped to take a trip together, but it looks like we’ll be replacing our trusty Jeep rather soon instead. Thankful for the Lord’s provision through every need. 

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