Living Room with Creative Space

After so many years of choosing form over function, I decided to make a big change. I was delighted when Mr. S jumped right on board. 🙂 Photo Nov 21, 9 13 17 AMWe totally changed the arrangement of our living room to bring my art supplies out of our over-crowded closet in into the open for quick accessibility.We grabbed an affordable bookshelf from World Market, and I stayed up into the wee hours of the night styling it and solving storage issues.

I’m the first person to cringe at clutter, but after a week of enjoying quickly grabbing art supplies, I can say this was a fantastic choice.

With each item out on open shelving, I am so much more likely to use it, and all the mess that comes along with a project is a much faster cleanup now. Photo Nov 21, 9 02 18 AMThe top shelf holds calligraphy ink (the ink wells were a gift from my brother while we visited downtown Franklin for my birthday), letter writing materials (in the box), and a carousel of alcohol-based art markers (Prismacolor and Copic). Photo Nov 21, 9 02 33 AMThe next shelf houses all manner of drawing goods. Pencils are sorted by hardness in a repurposed World Market spice jar, blending stubs are tucked away in a vase my mother was tossing, and paper and all the mismatched mess that comes with it is in a lidded basket. My little Lowe’s clearance fern is pretty happy there, too. Photo Nov 21, 9 02 52 AMA few precious gifts are grouped together on this shelf. The gifts from my folks include a ball of twine (just because they know me well) and a crate from them (I found it in Spearfish, SD, and when I left the antique store, they utilized relatives to sneakily nab these as a surprise). A little bird from a co-teacher perches nearby. I loved it at our school auction (my nickname is Lindsey Bird or Birdie), so she surprised me with it.

Most importantly, my Art History book stands proudly nearby. When I was younger, my parents’ sweet friend and art lover gave this book to me when he discovered my passion for art. His only condition was that I passed it on someday to another person who shares that passion. I confess it was tucked away and barely thumbed through as I worked through college and began my career; those days were (and are) so exhausting. However, seeing it gives me renewed inspiration to keep creativity at the forefront.

I’m ready to do a little less of other (good) things to do what makes my heart happy, and I’m thankful for lots of encouragers telling me to do so.

Photo Nov 21, 9 03 04 AMAn easel from my grandparents (as a teen) is now out and waiting at the ready for me to fumble my way through some painting.Photo Nov 21, 9 01 44 AMI also made the space-eating-but-practical decision to bring my desk away from the wall (to make room for art storage), and plop it right in the center of our view. I now feel like I have my own little office. As I sit here and work on any little thing (calligraphy, learning Illustrator, gathering home inspiration), I am still in the living area with Mr. S, but am set apart enough to concentrate. Photo Nov 21, 9 03 16 AMI hid my million-and-one cords and power strip inside of this wicker basket. 🙂 Photo Nov 21, 9 01 16 AMTo make the space work, we had to reverse the set up of our chairs. The Ballard striped chair is a little shallower than the slipcovered chair, so it’s more functional beside the desk. Photo Nov 21, 9 04 08 AMMy maidenhairs are thriving in their new planter from Long Hollow Nursery. Photo Nov 21, 9 04 39 AMIt feels like we have to keep the coffee table clean and simple with the added clutter. We just have a Rosy Rings candle in a hurricane by Pottery Barn (found by Mr. S; he has a good eye!), and a little dough bowl with a Cinderella pumpkin. Photo Nov 21, 9 01 01 AMI’ve begun a small fall leaf collection. I find interesting leaves, put them in the bowl, Lucy eats them, and then I replenish the supply. This little bowl is from Tracery Interiors and its smooth edges and warmth make me pretty happy. Photo Nov 21, 9 00 46 AMWhite, wood, and natural anything sums up what I like. Photo Nov 21, 9 04 59 AMPhoto Nov 21, 9 08 14 AMMore fall colors. Mr. S accuses me of only liking neutrals. Don’t you think he’s wrong? 🙂 Photo Nov 21, 9 10 14 AMI added these pillows (sewn from Target tablecloths) and this HomeGoods throw to make my husband happy. 🙂 Photo Nov 21, 1 18 45 AMAlso, I’ve temporarily replaced our chrome towel bar with these hooks. Much more home-y than the rental’s basics. Photo Nov 21, 1 18 23 AMMy little olive bucket is serving a practical purpose. 🙂Photo Nov 21, 9 07 09 AMAnd there you have it. This was the view this morning. I am still so thankful for this apartment! We think our first home is on the horizon, but we are so grateful and happy here, we will be content no matter that outcome. The Lord’s goodness to us during our time here is unforgettable.

After this experience, I’d encourage anyone and everyone to set up your home in a way that really works for your family rather than just going for what is the most chic. 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

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