Aspirations In This Heart

A list of 26 life goals at 26 years old. 

  1. I hope to grow to be a more knowledgable, obedient, set apart lover and follower of Jesus. 
  2. I want to play an instrument I enjoy. I don’t know what that is, yet, but it’s nothing I’ve dabbled in so far.
  3. I want to be a disciplined student of The Word who memorizes books of scripture.
  4. I want to be the woman to whom no one bothers to gossip, because they know it will fall on deaf ears. 
  5. I want to do art all the time. It’s a luxury, I know, but it breathes life into me.
  6. I will continue to pray for more patience; and I want to grow in the discipline to fight the first knee-jerk reactions of irritation or defensiveness that easily influence my heart. This includes my critical attitude toward others.
  7. I want to be secure enough in my identity in Christ that I am a refreshment to others. I don’t want to be an insecure person people must reassure, I don’t want to project my fears onto others, I just want to be calm and confident enough to “get over myself” and focus on others.
  8. I want to experience the strength and freedom that come from taking good care of my body by exercising and eating healthy foods. I don’t want to choose these things over more important things and I don’t want to idolize them, but I do want to treat my body as a temple.
  9. I want to say, “Yes!” to adventures. I am a homebody at heart, but I want to travel with my husband and try new things because he would love it. 
  10. I want to read again. I used to do it voraciously. As responsibilities have piled up, I have pushed it to the side. I read a bit of non-fiction, but fiction grows my heart.
  11. I want to invite people into my home all the time, both friends and strangers.
  12. I want to house someone who the Lord gives us who has no place to go; I want to be able to share our blessings with those who need it rather than keeping them to ourselves. 
  13. I want to learn to cook a few meals that make people grin when they take a bite. 
  14. I want to be a mother to someone who doesn’t have one. I don’t know if this will look like fostering a child or mentoring someone younger, but I know nurturing and encouraging are two of my gifts. I know that Lord created me to love a little more fiercely and to empathize more heartily than some. But these gifts are useless in the form of hands-off, far-away pity. 
  15. I want to boldly speak up for the downtrodden and meek when it’s unpopular to do so. From refugees to children to marginalized groups. 
  16. I want to make peace with my darker skin, shake off the negative feelings I’ve caught from our lost, silly culture, and believe without a doubt that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
  17. I want to look at my physical flaws, shrug, and move on.
  18. I want my husband to be able to say that I supported him in his dreams and callings. 
  19. I know I thrive in a supporting role; I want to embrace being the organizer, the facilitator, the quiet helper in the background, and the helper, because it’s where I thrive. I don’t want to long for the spotlight because others thrive there.
  20. I want to work hard with my hands. I want to fold our laundry, can produce, make meals, make repairs, lift children, and scrub floors.
  21. I want to love people just as they are, in spite of their flaws, but then I want to encourage them to grow, because I believe that’s a more loving, authentic friendship. 
  22. I want to be so consumed with how scripture, sermons, and rebukes apply to me that I don’t even think of who else needs to hear it.
  23. I want to go to the beach as much as possible because seeing the ocean makes me cry.
  24. I hope to continue to be unable to finish reading many children’s stories aloud without crying, because I always want to be moved by the goodness and kindness they often depict.
  25. I want all who see me to have no doubts in their ability to say, “That is a woman who loves her church/her nation/her pastor/her husband/her children/her state, her family/her friends.” Not blindly, not naively, but wholeheartedly.
  26. I want to be a teacher who consistently builds children up and never tears them down. I want to humanize, inspire, and celebrate each of my students.

3 thoughts on “Aspirations In This Heart

  1. Are you my sister from another mister?? I completely identify with your list and I’m 46 (but I still think I’m 26). These are very insightful and honorable goals, and while some may take a lifetime to achieve, I pray that you find strength and boldness to enjoy the journey.

  2. Girl, I didn’t know you had a blog too and I just clicked on the link from your instagram. I am so blessed by what I just read! I love your heart for the Lord and your strong take on the life , heart and passions the Lord has given you. What a humble, yet confident spirit you have. Its a godly confidence that I think comes strongly from your security with our Savior. I am so blessed to “know” you through IG and encouraged by your passion for Jesus. Its so refreshing to meet another sister in Christ that shares a lot of the same character qualities. I’ll be praying God works all these things in your heart and grows them in abundance! Take care and many blessings

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