Soultatos Baby Shower

Lisa, Kaytlyn (friends from church), and I threw a baby shower for a couple in our “life group” at Long Hollow Baptist. 13903221_10155156465097796_7784223863330451777_n.jpgThis couple is obviously so loved; just look at this turnout!

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Sweet tea, lemonade, and water were all available to cool off on the hot summer day.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

We went with a tea party theme. I found sweet little teapots at Target and from a friend and used them as flower vases. The hydrangeas are from our yard, and the other flowers seemed just right for a baby girl. IMG_3284A generous co-worker, Nancy (or Queen Nancy as I call her), let me borrow this beautiful bunting! She actually loaned us the majority of the items for our shower. So grateful to her!

The little teacups were inherited from my grandmother. IMG_3293-1We gave sweet baby Sailor a children’s Bible called “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” It’s my very favorite children’s Bible as it is jam-packed with good theology and truth! Guests signed the book and addressed it to the already-much-loved Baby Sailor Elise.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Then, they wrote notes of encouragement for Mom and Dad to read on those weary nights. IMG_3295The goal was to make every inch of the space girly. IMG_3297This was snapped before I nestled the last of the flowers in place.


Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

And here they are in place!

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

My friend Kaytlyn’s ultra-talented mother in law made us treats in the mint-and-pink theme.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios
Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

We served chicken salad croissants, pimento cheese, and fresh fruit.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Love seeing these ladies laugh and giggle. They couldn’t be kinder or sweeter!

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios
Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Ever-gorgeous Brittney.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Ever-smiling Jonathan.

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

This little lady is destined to be a happy little beauty like her folks! Soultatos family, we hope you know you are always supported as you seek to raise up this little one well. We are here for you and praying for you!

Photo by Gretchen Demonbreun of GW Studios

Our Life Group ladies with the parents-to-be in the center. Sweet Cheryl on the left has seen many of us through a lot of stages of life! From college to marriage and children of our own.


Your Sumner Magazine

Our home was featured in Your Sumner magazine this month.

It was a fun, unexpected adventure thanks to the sweet and smart Hollie Deese.

I had just about no time to prepare (clean and decorate), which I think made things more authentic for sure. 🙂

Screen-Shot-2016-08-11-at-2.52.22-PM-768x568.pngThis was the header they made. Though I grew up here in Sumner County, this was a warm welcome as new homeowners in the area.

Sources: paint color, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray | dish pantry, Joss & Main | striped chair and foot stool, Ballard Designs | side table, World Market | tabletop, metal tray from Magnolia Market | turned-base lamp and copper lanterns, Red Tulip Gifts in Gallatin, TN | white chair and ottoman, IKEA Ektorp | Dresser, painted by me with Annie Sloan Old White | glass lamp, World Market | painting, me | mirror, Leaf & Petal | planters and lemon cypress, Long Hollow Gardens | tobacco basket, Antique Tobacco Barn | seagrass rug, Pottery Barn
Screen-Shot-2016-08-11-at-2.51.36-PM-768x509.pngOur room so far. Lots I’d love to add to soften this space someday, but I’m waiting patiently for just the right things at just the right price, not to mention waiting for our youngest pup to grow up.

Sources: paint color, Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray | thumbprint tree, Me | vintage mailbox and shutters: Southern Accents Architectural Antiques | nightstands, Target | lamps and bird pillows, Homegoods | demijohn, Hobby Lobby | bed, Restoration Hardware | buffalo check pillows, IKEA | boxwood wreath and linen duvet, Target | euro shams, Then & Again Home MarketplaceScreen-Shot-2016-08-11-at-2.51.04-PM.pngI thought it was sweet that they highlighted this quote, especially because it may have been the only time I effectively and concisely conveyed my meaning. 🙂 I’m the absolutely worst speaker, and my thoughts spoken aloud are often a jumbled mess. However, I hope and pray each person who comes into our home feels just like this,

Sources: paint, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt | tin vase, Then & Again Home Marketplace | concrete canisters, Tracery Interiors | floating shelves, Target | potted boxwood, Kirkland’s | wooden, whitewashed S, Target | twine and spool, Crate & Barrel | carved elephant, travels overseas| tissue box, Amazon | wooden bowl, Tracery Interiors

Screen-Shot-2016-08-11-at-2.52.36-PM.pngA little bit of my office (which I have since deconstructed).

Sources: wall color, Dovetail Gray by Sherwin Williams | chalkboard, World Market | lamps, painted by me, shades from Target | metal tool bin, Then & Again Home Marketplace | dresser, family piece, painted by meScreen-Shot-2016-08-11-at-2.52.49-PM-768x532.pngA view of our kitchen with the table Dad and Brother built.

Sources: coffee bags (framed), Southern Accents Architectural Antiques | lamps, Barn Trash from The Strawberry Patch Festival | side table, World Market | turned wooden flower pot, JBS Mercantile from The Country Living Fair | light fixture, Lowe’s | vase, Summer Classics Home | pedestal, Scarlett Scales Antiques | upholstered chairs, T J Maxx | end chair, Restoration Hardware

To read the article, click here!

Long Time No Talk.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated this blog. So much change, so much newness, and so much life has been lived since I last wrote here.

I suppose a lot of it has been because, while this is supposed to be a family blog, it’s just me here.

I have no high-reaching goals of becoming a pro blogger at the moment. No big projects are underway. I suppose it has felt a little narcissistic to do another post about me, decorating, or the house, but right now, that’s all that I have to report.

You may have noticed that I just use Mr. S as a nickname for my husband. That is intentional, as I never want to invade on his privacy as long as this blog is public. Unfortunately, the same applies to his job and the way he spends his days, and so I’ve got nothing.

However, looking back on all that’s happened these past few months, I realize I truly regret not recording more.

I quit my job, Mr. S left for some more long-term work, we had a precious college student living with us, I started two new jobs, I’ve taken a great girls’ trip, and none of it is documented here.

I guess I’ve been so caught up in everyone else’s sweet, precious, excited wishes for the next steps in life (“When will your husband be home?” “When will you have kids?” “Are you starting your own business?”), that I’ve begun to believe the lie that the life I’m leading right now isn’t quite good enough. Directionless though it may be, is important and OK and good. And maybe even worth sharing.

I can’t quite explain how hard, draining, and hopeless these last three-and-a-half years have felt at times. But it would be harder still to fully express how exciting, new, gratifying, fruitful, growth-filled, horizon-expanding, and refining they’ve been, either.

There have been days where I don’t want to get out of bed or shower or take care of myself. But there have been days when I’ve woken up with more drive and determination than ever before.

There have been days when I’ve doubted nearly every choice I’ve made. But there have been days when I’ve felt excitement and such a clear calling. I love that life is full of variety like this.

Every once in a while, I fight the feeling that I’m an island and alone, and then the Lord sends me sweet friends who insist on inviting me, hanging out, and encouraging me.

Nearly every prayer I posted as one of my “26 aspirations” has come into fruition in such a short timeline (even if I still am no cook), and I can’t express how much I’ve seen God’s goodness in this season.

None of the many blessings lavished upon me have been shared, and that needs to change!

With that said, I’m re-committing to posting on this silly little blog, because I still do long for a record of our days. Even if only one half of the story is available, I’ll tell it here anyway.

So, my news may not be a baby on the way, or a homecoming, or a new career, or anything particularly impressive or accomplished. But it will be mine. And I believe wholeheartedly that life is good right now, that it’s OK to be figuring things out, that it’s OK to be waiting, and that I’ll be ready to step out into the next adventure soon. I just don’t know what that looks like just yet.

I’ll keep being the nerd who is elated to share success in planting peonies or hydrangeas, deliberates over paint colors as seriously as others deliberate over investments, and who experiences life in an unusually-emotional way (and then overshares as always right here on this blog).


I’ll have a few catch-up posts in the next few weeks, then I’ll begin sharing updates and new content as I’d always intended. It may be boring things like moving around the artwork, or setting a table just right, or reorganizing a room, but it’ll be things I love. 🙂

Thanks for your patience if you read along. Thanks for caring even if it’s just me. Thank you to you precious people who say things like, “I miss your posts! I want to know what’s happening with you!” I can’t express how undeserved that kind of care feels.