Christmas 2017: Living Room and Kitchen

The dark and gloomy weather outside has been made infinitely better by Christmas lights, flickering candles, layers of cozy fabric, and pops of cheery red. But it’s also proved a challenge for snapping quality photos, so my iPhone captures will have to do.

I snuck in a bit more red to welcome my husband Home. He’s spent several months doing some contract work away from home in the UAE and has been dearly missed.

That candle is from Rosy Rings, and I believe it’s in its second Christmas with us. It smells like cranberry and is looking like we’ll get to enjoy it for a third. After the addition of a couple more chairs, the gifts needed to find a new home. We give gifts to our niece, nephews, a couple of other young relatives, parents, and siblings, so there is always plenty under the tree.

A little snow village and some paper whites add a bit more cheer.

This year, Momma and Daddy sold our childhood home on Branham Mill Road, so several treasures came home with me, including this wagon from our childhood. I have fond memories of packing up to head to the pool, park, or garden in this trusty radio flyer. For now, it’s the perfect way to keep packages away from a certain misbehaved beagle (I’m looking at you, Harley).I dug out the tartan pillow cases for another year of use. Fair lights were the secret to this year’s mantle. With the addition of our built-in bookshelf, last year’s outlet was hiding. 🙂 I have slowly become a more-is-more girl when it comes to garland. I layered my faux eucalyptus with fresh cedar, juniper sprigs, the fairy lights, a string of galvanized bells, and finally, our simple little nativity. This year, I flocked our tree, painted some ornaments with a bit of french blue, and used these little platforms to house a precious church and a couple of Christmas houses. The theme for the tree this year was definitely “more is more” with gold, silver, mercury glass, sparkling snowflakes, and little bits of champagne- and blush-colored ornaments.  Fresh cedar on the chandelier, wreaths in the window, little candy-can-striped bows around the rosemary and lights made it feel like Christmas in the kitchen. We may not be due for a white Christmas as this is typed on Christmas Eve, but I can at least imagine it trough a snowy canister and cloche.

Can’t you hear it?

“Where the love circles around us,
Like the gifts beneath our tree.
Well I know there’s more snow
Up in Colorado
Than my roof will ever see,
But a tender Tennessee Christmas
Is the only Christmas for me.”

That little dough bowl is now filled to the brim with Christmas cards. I’ve enjoyed looking through them with my morning coffee.  Speaking of beagles who eat gifts, how appropriate is this pillow for our guest room?

Merry Christmas!

Long Hollow Baptist Life Group Christmas

We are blessed beyond measure with a kind-hearted, Jesus-loving group of friends in our Life Group at Long Hollow. We’ve been friends with some of them for nearly a decade, and they’ve walked with us through college, engagement, marriage, deployments, illness, highs, and lows. They always point us to The Lord through sound doctrine and loving kindness. 24991174_10214709606359651_4752229180655399114_nBut, in addition to all of those things, none of us take ourselves too seriously.

These friends know how to laugh, and that adds joy to our days and refreshment to our bones. 24993649_10214709606959666_9030649206177871034_nI think this “Speak Out” picture may be a better representation of us than our normal grins.

A friend for seasons of hardship, of joy, of love, and of laughter is a gift.