Him: A quiet, strong, tough-but-tender husband, police officer, soldier, and comedian (at least at home).

Her: A giggly, loud, messy  craft lover, decor drooler, and less-than-perfect homemaker who cries at anything sweet or sappy.

We’re the Stewart family, just 2 plus a couple of pups for now, and this is our chronicle of love and life, following Jesus, enduring deployments, growing together, and fumbling through life with a much-needed, healthy dose of grace. We’re a native and transplant happily living in the South.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Lindsey, I’m not on Instagram anymore but still follow you because you are precious and your decor is amazing. Just have to say your most recent image of writing and artistically designing a tooth fairy note for a sweet student who lost her tooth (and then lost it in the trash!) literally made my evening. It will be remembered forever by your student and just shines forth your heart for your kids and what God calls you too. Each post of your classroom, about your marriage, and making a home shines your love for Jesus. Just wanted to encourage you 😊 Because you encourage us!

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