Valentine’s Printable

Is anyone else out there a(n obsessive) Wuthering Heights fan? I sure am! Not only have I read the book a few (too many) times, but I also even made my poor husband watch the latest BBC version. Oh, what a romance (I’m not sure if I mean Heathcliff’s maddening love for Catherine or Mr. S’s romantic-mini-series-enduring love for me)! 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, who better to quote than Catherine herself? IMG_7011

I doodled this simple little image on Illustrator and thought I’d share in plenty of time for Valentine’s day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day decor, I like to keep it simple! I may not go all out, but this sentimental heart cannot let the day pass without at least acknowledging it. PrintThis image is scaled for a 5″x7″ frame, but you’ll have to select 5″x7″ in your printer settings.




Valentine’s Day Cards For my Little Ones

Holidays, birthdays, and the like are a favorite of mine. Really, any opportunity to celebrate gets me excited and fills my heart. There’s something about not just feeling joy, but intentionally searching for it, that make these special occasions dear to me. Is anyone else with me?

However, age has slowly replaced the exploding-jack-in-the-box with a more quiet happiness. I am content with this, but still have a secret way to experience both kinds of holiday cheer.

You see, I teach at an elementary school. I am convinced that no one (not celebrities, socialites, event planners, nor even royalty) celebrates with as much determination as a group of twenty-eight 6-and-7 year olds.

You who are blessed with children of your own know exactly what I mean. Bright eyes expecting Santa; a child on the morning of his birthday, quietly wondering what the day will hold; or an impending visit from the tooth fairy all are just better with sweet peas around.
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